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We desire to be a driving force in helping Technology Professionals , Entrepreneurs, Medical & RE Pros, etc to learn required skills & habits and achieve Financial Freedom through Alternative Investments so they can live their Full Life Potential.

You Can Live an Amazing & Impactful Life Without Trading Off Any Aspect of Life by being stuck in a Rat Race

Many are conditioned to live with Limiting Beliefs of what they can and can’t achieve.

Maybe you thought success in life can only be achieved by Trading Time for Dollars by working a full-time job or be it Your Relationships or Your Health

But the truth is, you can learn the Required Skills, Great Habits By Investing Your Time, Energy and Dollars and through Tech, Real Estate, and Alternative Investment Strategies. You can actually achieve Financial Freedom and live an Amazing & Impactful life.

Find out what’s holding you back from living an Amazing & Impactful life by taking the Life Assessment for FREE now!

Message from our CEO, Ravi Katta

Please get comfortable putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation to achieve something great in your life journey. Trust me, none of the corporations would give you control over your calendar (#FREEDOM) and ultimately achieve the unlimited potential that you have inside you…It’s up to you to take that first bold step in your life journey to keep growing and achieve your max potential.
If you ask any highly successful person what’s the secret behind his or her success… the simplest answer you may hear is pushing their boundaries & doing things outside of their comfort zones / “limiting beliefs” and of course, taking massive action: “That’s how you keep growing”.

Typical steps may involve...

  1. #1. Changing the MINDSET and thinking big in these focus areas: HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE/RELATIONSHIPS, HAPPINESS, JOY/FULFILLMENT (#growthmindset). Decide which one or two of these areas you need to focus on to start with.
  2. #2. Learning the required skills & habits in that focus area (#lifelongleaning),
  3. #3. Create a solid plan and execute with 200% focus (#workethics, #execute, #massiveaction).
  4. #4. Measure and course-correct to keep making progress as success is never a straight line nor without setbacks. It’s our obligation to learn from every failure and keep working towards creating a better version of ourselves on a regular basis to have an Amazing and Impactful Life
Life is about living the way we chose to live, not stuck in the rat race (#RATRACE) and controlled by someone else that may not be thinking win-win, long-term!!


Incredible Insights from Experts on Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs, Getting Out of Rat Race, and Achieving your Full Life Potential


Our Programs

Zero to RE Hero - Rat Race to Financial Freedom |

If you don’t try to create the future you want, you must endure the future you get. If not now, when?

The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it. Book a no-cost, no-obligation call with one of our helpful Program Advisors. Follow these quick and easy steps:




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We Know You Have Questions

This program was created with you in mind. Our goal with Invest and Impact Life is to help people starting from zero to become real estate heroes. Our courses are well paced, and you’ll always be able to ask questions.

The goal of the Invest and Impact Life is to help you achieve financial freedom and charge close to $0!
The total cost of this program is your commitment and time, and your commitment to change you and your family’s future, and place you in a position to pay it forward. Any additional financial commitment you make will be placed directly into an investment opportunity of your choice, with the potential of 10% returns.

All investments contain some level of risk, however, real estate, and multifamily real estate in particular, has demonstrated consistent stability when compared to other investment types. Real estate does not experience the same volatile peaks and valley fluctuations of the stock market or cryptocurrency market.

Multifamily is a hedge against inflation, as inflation increases, rents increase and in return property values increase due to higher NOI.

Yes, multifamily real estate, when properly researched and underwritten, can provide steady dependable cash flow on stabilized assets. You will learn more about value-add and new construction cash flow in our courses.

Yes, however, each person’s financial situation is different, and we encourage you to consult a highly qualified, experienced CPA with deep knowledge from working with real estate investors. You will learn more about how depreciation, cost segregation, and programs such as 1031 exchanges provide tax breaks for real estate investors.

Unlike other programs, our team are not “gurus”, “mentors”, or “coaches” whose primary income is coaching fees. The Invest and Impact Life team have real world experience. Together, we have over 100 years combined experience across all asset classes and asset types, have worked and partnered with Wall Street investment firms and individuals just like you, and have a proven track record of consistently generating 20%+ annual returns for their investors.



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